Jessica Chan's Client Testimonials

Excellent! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful! Best agent I ever had!!!

- Wen Sheng Yang

Jessica is awesome. If it wasn’t for her we would not have gotten our home. She went beyond her job to help us… from negotiation to explaining everyting to our banker. We would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat. She’s small but mighty!

- Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reddin

David is very dedicated, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We will recommend him to anyone if there is need. Thank you!

- Mr. & Mrs. Xin Ye

Jessica Chan was a phenomenal agent for us and went above and beyond our expectations. She saved us from overpaying for a house we wanted by explaining to us that the sellers were asking too much. She helped us find a wonderful home in a better location at a lower price. Great professional service. We couldn’t imagine going through this process without Jessica.

- Mr. & Mrs. Clement Chiang

I felt she was very professional and efficient. She set an excellent price which resulted in an excellent sale price! She is very good at negotiating. Jessica knows business and I was impressed with her knowledge.

- Mr. & Mrs. Mark MacKay

She is the total package! She has a heart that is always up front to help you!

- Norman Toews

Very very excellent agent, confident. Excellent in returning calls, polite, friendly, very experienced agent. Couldn’t ask for a better agent. She deserves to be highly recommended by word-of-mouth, family, and friends. For us, she is one of the TOP Realtors in Calgary!

- Sakar & Iqbal Hirji

I think Jessica is the est. This is the third time she has sold a house for me and has been excellent every time and got me more money than I expected every time. Thank you Jessica, I’m sure I will be calling you again!

- Heather & David McWilliams

Jessica and David (and their team) were excellent. We would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to family / friends.

- Mr. Ken Thomas

The manner in which Jessica handled the sale of our home was much appreciated. Her knowledge of the business and the friendly professional way she conducted the sale. We knew we were in good hands! Also, her staff was also very helpful and informative! Thanks everyone!

- John & Glenys Fox

Very good. Well taken care of by Jessica.

- Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brar

Thoroughly Professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica to anyone who has real estate needs.

- Mr. & Mrs. Pradeep Kumaran

Jessica provides a very satisfying experience throughout the whole process. She is up front and honest. She is ver very good at what she does. Our whole family really enjoyed the time we spent with her.

- Roger Bergen and Ting Shi

David was very prepared and professional. He was careful to explain the process thoroughly before the contract was signed. I would use David Chan again for my real estate needs.

- Bonnie Simpson

Jessica Chan was an excellent realtor. We were very happy with her services, her efficiency and professionalism made the experience a positive one. She is very knowledgeable and up-to-date with respect to the current market. We would definetly recommend her services to all of our friends and family!

- Mr. & Mrs. Chang

We really enjoy wirking with Jessica and we benefited a lot from her knowledge on the real estate market and on properties! She’s kind and sincere, easy-going and very approachable. She understood our needs and has been vry patient with us. We love her and her service!

- Mr. & Mrs. Shou Yuan

Highly professional, very knowledgeable. An excellent negotiatior. We were lucky to have Jessica as our agent. We would definitely contact Jessica for our future needs, and highly recommend Jessica to individuals who need real estate service. Thank you Jessica & Team!

- Mr. & Mrs. Rock Wang

We were 100% satisfied with Jessica and will DEFINETLY recommend her to anyone we know who is in need of a realtor. Thanks so much Jessica!

- Mr. & Mrs. Sam Loo

Excellent service! Jessica Chan is the best realtor we have ever dealt with. We are very satisfied with the service she provided.

- Mr. & Mrs. Yu Fang Dong

She was very professional. She is one hard working Realtor, she was very attentive to our needs. She got the best price for our house. She has awesome negotiating skills. She’s a very approachable person. She knows her stuff, when it comes to selling houses. Thank you Jessica.

- Mr. & Mrs. Martin Levesque

It’s another successful experience with Jessica as our agent. We are very happy about the property being into our portfolio. Jessica’s experience, negotiating strategy and skills played the key role in this transaction.

- Mr. & Mrs. Hui Zhang

I was very satisfied working with David Chan. He was excellent in all areas, and I appreciated all of those aspects about him. He made the house search process much more enjoyable. I particularly appreciated his negotiating skills. I remember in one of the offers we made, he went beyond my expectations and got the seller to lower the price even further! I will definitely recommend David to friends and family.

- Thao Vu

Jessica was very patient and organized while explaining the mortgage options. Made very sound recommendations, and recommended top financial professionals and put us in touch with the people that we needed at the time. We were very impressed with her organization and preparedness. Very calm and understanding when the situation became stressful. Her communication was excellent and always had her “ducks in a row.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Chiu Yuen

I would have Jessica and her team for all my real estate needs. We are very happy, and Jessica is wonderful to work with. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

- Mr. & Mrs. James Smith

Excellent service. Very professional and was able to sell our hose very quickly. I am very satisfied with the transaction. We would definitely recommend Jessica Chan to anyone we know!

- Mr. & Mrs. Zhen Xiang Liu –

Very good, friendly and professional. I will find her again for any buying or selling. Excellent!

- Mr. & Mrs. Terry Pun

Jessica gave sound advice during a difficult & challenging market. I would certainly use Jessica's services in the future and would not hesitate passing her name to friends and colleagues. David Chan was Excellent as well!

- Mr. & Mrs. Brad Allison

After a long search, I finally found a home. I love this home and I want to say many thanks for your help. You are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’m so glad to have an agent like you after a not-so-good experience with another realtor. I definitely will do business with you. It’s a rare find for an agent that cares and represents the client right. You are one of them! Again, I appreciate you for all the hard-work!

- Miss. Eva Lam

Excellent, courteous, polite, very knowledgeable. Thanks Jessica, you are a very wonderful person and may god bless you always.

- Mr. & Mrs. Nizar Meghji

I thought Jessica and her team were exceptional and great communication through the whole process.

- Keith & Judith Anderson

I feel very good about Jessica's Excellent Service and appreciative of her tireless help.

- Mr. & Mrs. Pengfei Yin

Efficient, honest, and professional.

- Mr. & Mrs. Jianfang Wang

Jessica is very professional, experienced and friendly. I am very happy to recommend her to our friends and relatives in the future.

- Mr. & Mrs. Percy Lee

Jessica has been our real estate agent for the past five years and we have made three purchases and sales using her services. She is an excellent professional in her line of work. We strongly recommend her services to others.

- Suresh Raman & Aqeel Shaikh

She is professional and confinement, and knows both the market and her client’s needs very well. Excellent personality.

- Rowena Punzalan

Jessica is an excellent agent, very professional, approachable, and pleasant to deal with. We would highly recommend you to anyone needing an agent who works for you. Thank you for your kindness.

- Gail & Ron Ellerton

Jessica Chan and David Chan are excellent professional realtors. Our family is very satisfied with their real estate services. They helped us purchase and sell homes with high efficiency.

- Mr. & Mrs. Ben Xu

We were very pleased with Jessica’s performance and assistance in the purchase of our home.

- Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Woychuk

She is a professional realtor in all respects. Dynamic, knowledgeable, and has excellent presentation and communication skills. She keeps her word. She said it may take two weeks to sell our home if the price is right, and she did it. We are very satisfied that we we chose her to sell our home.

- Mr. & Mrs Krupakar Rao Karengle

Wonderful. We had listed a couple of years ago with another agent and they did not provide anything close to Jessica. Great advice, service, got our house sold.

- Mr. & Mrs. Van Chou

As always, she did an excellent job. Thanks.

- Angela & Trent Lane

Excellent service. Very professional and was able to sell our hose very quickly. I am very satisfied with the transaction. We would definitely recommend Jessica Chan to anyone we know!

- Mr. & Mrs. Zhen Xiang Liu

We are very pleased with Jessica! We will retain her most professional services again and will not hesitate to refer her to family, friends and even strangers! Jessica, than you!

- Daniel Picken & Maria Sbert

We have had the agent as our realtor many times either in selling or purchasing properties in the past for more than 15 years. We feel that she has consistently represented us very well. We are impressed by her professionalism as an experienced agent. She has always been patient and informative, as well as flexible for any deals which we have reached.

- Mr. & Mrs. Jinfang Wang

We would like to express our extreme gratitude and pleasure to Jessica Chan for her selling our home. We have had numerous homes in our lives and we have never had a selling experience as successful as sellling our home with Jessica. We interviewed four agents prior to lisiting. Immediately following meeting with Jessica we felt confident and very prepared to list our home through her. Jessica sold our home with professionalism, heart and skill.She is very knowledgeable regarding the realestate market and is so personable. We sold during a changing and challenging market. Our home sold at the list price with multiple buyer interest before the sign was even up. Jessica made our experience highly successful and stress free. We have so much gratitude and respect for her realestate prowess and will recommend her to friends and family for their realsestate needs.

- Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Jantz

She is really an awesome agent. We were first home buyers, and know very little about the process and market. It was her that made the complex thing much easier and enjoyable!

- Hao Song & Ninxu Cai

I couldn’t have had a better agent. Her in-depth knowledge at the market, as well as her understanding of the client’s needs and drive to help, is really all a prospective buyer could ask for when faced with the daunting task of purchasing real estate.

- Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Infante

Jessica provided prompt and knowledgeable service at the initial stage of choosing a realtor. With documented statistics, Jessica provided a sound and solid presentation that made my decision to utilize her as my listing agent. A very good choice! Jessica provided great service and completed the sale of my home within days of listing. Thank you Jessica… you will go far with the sound knowledge and serve you provide.

- Ms. Roberta McIntyre

She is excellent from the start to finish!

- Mr. Romero

She is very experienced. She listens and care about your needs. She knows the market very well and takes care of everything you need. With her help, our house sold in one day and at full price. She is an excellent Real Estate agent!

- Nai Li & John Chen

Jessica is one of the best agents who provide excellent services during my house hunting. She’s very professional, always provide full and detailed information about the house market. I am very happy to have her as my agent and finally found the house we wanted. I am really appreciative for everything she did for us!

- Mr. & Mrs. Ying Lu

Jessica Chan was very good. She did her best in helping me. She went beyond her job to help me. Showed me places I couldn’t find by myself. She went way out of her way for me. II would use her again if I need to buy again.

- Judy Marshall

Fantastic from start to finish. Jessica is very patient which makes you feel comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market and homes. She is very trustworthy and easy to deal with.

- Roger Bergen

We do feel very good and grateful with Jessica Chan as our agent. Her service was very professional aiming to get the best deal for us and finding the right was and explaining the processes to buy a home. Our file was special so we are a new family with no knowledge before Jessica Chan came to us. Thank you for taking our file with professional attention and honesty.

- Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Gonzalez

She is the ultimate professional! Thank you Jessica!

- Mr. & Mrs. David Konarski

Thank you for your quick help in my home purchase. Thank you for your follow ups!

- Mr. David Wu

Everything was excellent

- Mr. & Mrs. Yu

Jessica is a professional agent with wonderful people skills. We are very happy to have her as our agent again! Thank you Jessica!

- Gabriel & Mami Theron

All positive experience Excellent Professionalism! Outstanding! 10 out of 10! Prompt service, attention to detail, availability!

- Ms. Patricia Lim

She is very professional, pays attention to detail, and is an excellent communicator. I strongly recommend to any first time home buyer. Jessica will take care and explain all of the information you need. Because of Jessica Chan, I had a great experience as a first time home buyer. I will definitely be a return customer.

- Irene Shek

I have used Jessica’s services now four times and in the future (hopefully not to soon). Would use her again. I trust in her guidance and vast knowledge of real estate. I would highly recommend her to any of my family / co-workers and friends. Thanks again Jessica.

- Lori Sheret

Although Jessica was our listing agent, david handled most of the day to day events associated with the sale of our townhouse. We were very happy and impressed with David’s dedication and hard work. He took all of the pictures of the place and made it look amazing! He also posted twice as many pictures as any other agents on MLS and we were very happy with that. Jessica negotiated the sale and once again was amazing and was able to sell for what we wanted. We’re very happy with both Jessica and David. Thanks! : )

- Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Lee