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"Should I Buy First or Sell First in this Market?"

This is the question I am being asked every day by homeowners. These days, many people are working from home and finding that their current home is not big enough to accommodate an efficient working space, plus having their children around engaged in online learning. It can all become a bit overwhelming!

Then they start to question whether they should buy a home that will fit their needs, or should they sell their current home first before buying. This is the question I am being asked every day by homeowners.

My answer is SELL FIRST!  Below, I have identified a process that will help homeowners come to the right decision:

1.  The first step is to get an "Updated Market Evaluation"…

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I met with a couple today who was thinking of selling their home. They were first-time buyers 3 years ago. They told me their experience was "so bad" that I felt that I should write up a “First Time Buyer Must know” tips as soon as I got home.

With the technology and internet available to us, most buyers believe that they do not need a realtor, and can browse on their own. True, you can get all the listing information online, but you should work with a Realtor for many reasons to ensure you're making an informed decision on one of the biggest and important investments of your life.

  1. First of all, you should meet with a professional Real Estate Agent who will discuss the whole buying procedure with you. A good professional…
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