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I met with a couple today who was thinking of selling their home. They were first-time buyers 3 years ago. They told me their experience was "so bad" that I felt that I should write up a “First Time Buyer Must know” tips as soon as I got home.

With the technology and internet available to us, most buyers believe that they do not need a realtor, and can browse on their own. True, you can get all the listing information online, but you should work with a Realtor for many reasons to ensure you're making an informed decision on one of the biggest and important investments of your life.

  1. First of all, you should meet with a professional Real Estate Agent who will discuss the whole buying procedure with you. A good professional…

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In this slow market that we are experiencing in Calgary Alberta, I was asked with this question all the time.

Here would like to give you few tips:

  1. Consult the experienced Real Estate Agent in your area.
  2. Prepare your home for sale including minor repairs, touch up but most important is to tidy up and declutter all your personal items, stage the house with simple furniture.
  3. A good clean home always leave a good impression.
  4. Don't forget to get rid of pet smell, smoke smell, and cooking smell.
  5. Have the house price right according to the current market condition. Experienced area specialist will be able to pin down a right pricing for your home.
  6. Consult the Real Estate Agent asking what kind of marketing he/she will do for you.

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